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Getting support for EESSI

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Thanks to the MultiXscale EuroHPC project we are able to provide support to the users of EESSI.

The EESSI support portal is hosted in GitLab:

How to report a problem or ask a question

We recommend you to use a GitLab account if you want to get help from the EESSI support team.

If you have a GitLab account you can submit your problems or questions on EESSI via the issue tracker of the EESSI support portal at Please use one of the provided templates (report a problem, software request, question, ...) when creating an issue.

You can also contact us via our e-mail address support (@), which will automatically create a (private) issue in the EESSI support portal. When you send us an email, please provide us with as much information as possible on your question or problem. You can find an overview of the information that we would like to receive in the README of the EESSI support portal.

Level of Support

We provide support for EESSI according to a "reasonable effort" standard. That means we will go into reasonable effort to help you, but we may not have the time to explore every potential cause, and it may not lead to a (quick) solution. You can compare this to the level of support you typically get from other active open source projects.

Note that the more complete your reported issue is (e.g. description of the error, what you ran, the software environment in which you ran, minimal reproducer, etc.) the bigger the chance is that we can help you with "reasonable effort".

What do we provide support for

Accessing and using the EESSI software stack

If you have trouble connecting to the software stack, such as trouble related to installing or configuring CernVM-FS to access the EESSI filesystem layer, or running the software installations included in the EESSI compatibility layer or software layer, please contact us.

Note that we can only help with problems related to the software installations (getting the software to run, to perform as expected, etc.). We do not provide support for using specific features of the provided software, nor can we fix (known or unknown) bugs in the software included in EESSI. We can only help with diagnosing and fixing problems that are caused by how the software was built and installed in EESSI.

Software requests

We are open to software requests for software that is not included in EESSI yet.

The quickest way to add additional software to EESSI is by contributing it yourself as a community contribution, please see the documentation on adding software.

Alternatively, you can send in a request to our support team. Please try to provide as much information on the software as possible: preferably use the issue template (which requires you to log in to GitLab), or make sure to cover the items listed here.

Be aware that we can only provide software that has an appropriate open source license.

EESSI test suite

If you are using the EESSI test suite, you can get help via the EESSI support portal.

Build-and-deploy bot

If you are using the EESSI build-and-deploy bot, you can get help via the EESSI support portal.

What do we not provide support for

Do not contact the EESSI support team to get help with using software that is included in EESSI, unless you think the problems you are seeing are related to how the software was built and installed.

Please consult the documentation of the software you are using, or contact the developers of the software directly, if you have questions regarding using the software, or if you think you have found a bug.

Funded by the European Union. This work has received funding from the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (JU) and countries participating in the project under grant agreement No 101093169.