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CPU targets

In the 2023.06 version of the EESSI repository, the following CPU microarchitectures are supported.

  • aarch64/generic: fallback for Arm 64-bit CPUs (like Raspberri Pi, etc.)
  • aarch64/neoverse_n1: AWS Graviton 2, Ampere Altra, ...
  • aarch64/neoverse_v1: AWS Graviton 3
  • x86_64/generic: fallback for older Intel + AMD CPUs (like Intel Sandy Bridge, ...)
  • x86_64/amd/zen2: AMD Rome
  • x86_64/amd/zen3: AMD Milan, AMD Milan X
  • x86_64/intel/haswell: Intel Haswell, Broadwell
  • x86_64/intel/skylake_avx512: Intel Skylake, Cascade Lake, Ice Lake, ...

The names of these CPU targets correspond to the names used by archspec.