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Deploying software

(for maintainers)

Instructing the bot to deploy 🚀

To make the bot 🤖 deploy the successfully built software, you should issue the corresponding instruction to the bot.

For more information, see the deploying section in the bot documentation.


Permission to trigger deployment of software installations must be granted to your GitHub account first!

See bot permissions for more information.

Merging the pull request

You should be able to verify in the pull request that the ingestion has been done, since the CI should fail ❌ initially to indicate that some software installations listed in your modified easystack are missing.

Once the ingestion has been done, simply re-triggering the CI workflow should be sufficient to make it pass ✅, and then the pull request can be merged.


This assumes that the easystack file being modified is considered by the CI workflow file (.github/workflows/test_eessi.yml) that checks for missing installations, in the correct branch (for example 2023.06) of the software-layer.

If that's not the case yet, update this workflow in your pull request as well to add the missing easystack file!


You need permissions to re-trigger CI workflows and merge pull requests in the software-layer repository.

Ask for help in the #software-layer channel of the EESSI Slack if needed!

Getting help

If you have any questions, or if you need help with something, don't hesitate to contact us via the #software-layer channel of the EESSI Slack.