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Setting up your environment

To set up the EESSI environment, simply run the command:

source /cvmfs/


The EESSI pilot software stack is NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION!

Do not use it for production work, and be careful when testing it on production systems!

This may take a while as data is downloaded from a Stratum 1 server which is part of the CernVM-FS infrastructure to distribute files. You should see the following output:

Found EESSI pilot repo @ /cvmfs/!
archspec says x86_64/intel/skylake_avx512 # (1)!
Using x86_64/intel/skylake_avx512 as software subdirectory.
Using /cvmfs/ as the directory to be added to MODULEPATH.
Found Lmod configuration file at /cvmfs/
Initializing Lmod...
Prepending /cvmfs/ to $MODULEPATH...
Environment set up to use EESSI pilot software stack, have fun!
[EESSI pilot 2021.12] $ # (2)!
  1. What is reported here depends on the CPU architecture of the machine you are running the source command.
  2. This is the prompt indicating that you have access to the EESSI software stack.

The last line is the shell prompt.

👏 Your environment is now set up, you are ready to start running software provided by EESSI!

Last update: February 24, 2023