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Is EESSI accessible?

EESSI can be accessed via a native (CernVM-FS) installation, or via a container that includes CernVM-FS.

Before you look into these options, check if EESSI is already accessible on your system.

Run the following command:

ls /cvmfs/


This ls command may take a couple of seconds to finish, since CernVM-FS may need to download or update the metadata for that directory.

If you see output like shown below, you already have access to EESSI on your system. 🎉

host_injections  latest  versions

For starting to use EESSI, continue reading about Setting up environment.

If you see an error message as shown below, EESSI is not yet accessible on your system.

ls: /cvmfs/ No such file or directory
No worries, you don't need to be a 🧙 to get access to EESSI.

Continue reading about the Native installation of EESSI, or access via the EESSI container.